Karatzas, Basil_ APR22 2013

Basil M Karatzas

This blog is maintained by Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co., a shipping finance advisory, vessel valuations and appraisals, and ship brokerage firm based in Manhattan, New York. The blog is intended as a general forum on all matters maritime and nautical. Although many of the topics and areas of interest discussed are commercially related, this blog will generously acknowledge topics of maritime history and tradition, marine engineering and naval architecture, politics and international trade. After all, shipping is not only the industry of trade, but also the industry that has been bridging oceans, cultures and cultures since the time of recorded history.

© 2013 Basil M Karatzas & Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co.

No part of this blog can be reproduced by any means or under any circumstances, in whole or in part, without proper attribution or the consent of the copyright and trademark holders.


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